Major Criminal Defense Cases in Georgetown

Georgetown Criminal Cases

Being charged with criminal cases in Georgetown. The justice system frowns at every unruly act and illegal behavior among the citizens. Since my years of experience in the legal industry, I have witnessed many people guilty of an offense in Georgetown.  While some of them are lucky to get free, many spend time in prison. Why do some escape legal judgment while others do not? This can be easily traceable to the professionalism of the defense lawyer.

However, it is best to know the major criminal cases in Georgetown and what they mean. Find out below.

1. Assault

Being charged with assault includes multiple criminal offenses that can either involve bodily injury or not. Either way, you need to consult a criminal defense lawyer in Georgetown as soon as possible. The state will surely take it up, even if the victim wants to ignore the situation. A criminal defense lawyer will start putting things in place before it gets to the court.


DWI/DUI is a common offense that is done by people every day. It is less severe than many cases but still tagged as a criminal offense in Georgetown judiciary regulations. Whether under the influence of alcohol or being intoxicated, such a person is now allowed to drive. Since the crime could lead to a murder case, its punishment is severe, and the charged person can use up to one year in jail.

It is reasonable to call an attorney when caught while drinking and driving. I will prove you innocent and withdraw the charges filed against you.

3. Theft

Theft could be as minor as shoplifting or an offense as serious as stealing home items. When charged to court based on this offense, not only do you receive a penalty, it is also a bad image on your performance record. Criminal records like this prevent the individual from getting a job or attaining a position in the future.

Serving the Residents of Georgetown

Several crimes come with fines or a jail sentence. It could be monetary, probation, or community service. Without an intelligent and experienced lawyer, the years spent in jail may affect your record when you are out. It would help if you had a lawyer that could convince the court of your innocence.

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